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  • Carbide grinding and sanding

    tools lasts up to 150 times longer
  • Carbide abrasive tools

    can be used on all sorts of materials

Carbide abrasive tools are sold by leading hardware - and building stores

Carbide’s products are sold by professional building wholesalers and building and hardware retail stores. We are confident that your local dealer can provide you with the best service and professional advice about our products. Should you have special needs, then we will be pleased to answer any questions about Carbide sanding and grinding tools.

Design, quality and customer satisfaction are important objectives of our strategy. Carbide works in partnership with our customers, providing advice on how to use Carbide tools and working with them to innovate new specialty products.

Carbide products are individually packaged in clear blister packing, which makes it easier to view the product. Inside is a brochure with information about the product, its uses, safety and tools within the same series.

Looking for our product? Please contact us, and we will help you find them.