About this product

Carbide tools give a powerful “True Grit” performance – on both wet and dry materials. The highly wear-resistant abrasive lasts up to 150 times longer than sandpaper, and is far more effective and time-saving than traditional grinding methods.

These different sander abrasive sheets are used on different types of sander machines from Festool, Bosch, DeWalt, Black&Decker and more machine.

Can be used on:
Paint, Cement, Plaster, Brick, Paint and rust on ships, Linoleum, Filler, Acrylic, Fiber glass, Carpet backing, PVC, Concrete, Epoxy, Marble, Carpet felt, Wood and more

GROUP: Sander Sheet

Machine: sander, orbital grinder, orbital sander, sheet sander

  • Makita BO
  • DeWalt D26422
  • Bosch PSS
  • Bosch GSS
  • Metabo SR
  • Metabo SRE
  • Festool RTS
  • Ryobi ESS

Dimensions available

Dimension available:
– 147 x 100 mm with 7 holes – best suite for Festool
– 185 x 93 mm with 8 holes – best suite for Bosch, DeWalt, Black&Decker and more machine
– 133 x 81 mm with 8 holes – best suite for Festool

Standard grit sizes:
24, 36, 60, 80, 120, 180 & 240

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