What is Carbide?

Carbide/tungsten coated sanding tools are extremely long-lasting, and can be used for sanding and the surface treatment of a wide range of materials. Carbide's long life and effective sanding qualities saves time and improve results.

Carbide / tungsten coated tools grinds all building materials such as: glass fibre, paint, rust and much more.

Can be cleaned with steel brush or solvent and used up to 150 times longer than traditional sandpaper.

The grinding tools are available in grain sizes from 3 to 240, and therefore can cover almost all grinding needs.

The abrasive consists of grains of carbide of a particular size depending on the purpose which are welded onto a steel base.

These small metallic grains are the abrasive medium, making carbide extremely durable compared to sandpaper.

Carbide is the market's strongest and most effective abrasive tool. With Carbide grinding tools, you can really grind through - regardless of material is dry or wet.
The durable abrasive media holds up to 150 times longer than sandpaper, and is much more efficient and time-saving than traditional methods.

Carbide coating’s sharpness and other unique properties prevent material from building up on the sanding and grinding tools.

The tools can be used for industrial purposes, as well as for fine finishing jobs.

If material build-up does occur, it is easily removed using a metal brush or a cleaning solvent.

Carbide is the name of our company. But it is also the name of a sintered metal.
The metal is also known as tungsten, which is the basic element of our tools - an extremely hard metal having approx. 98% of the hardness of an industrial diamond.




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sold by all leading large construction markets,  DIY stores and webshops

Carbide’s products are sold by professional building wholesalers and building and hardware retail stores.
We are confident that your local dealer can provide you with the best service and professional advice about our products.

Should you have special needs, then we will be pleased to answer any questions about Carbide sanding and grinding tools.

Design, quality and customer satisfaction are important objectives of our strategy.
Carbide works in partnership with our customers, providing advice on how to use Carbide tools and working with them to innovate new specialty products.

Carbide products are individually packaged in clear blister packing, which makes it easier to view the product. 

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Q.: Can I sand a wooden floor using carbide grinding discs?

Yes, we produce abrasive floor grinding discs. Due to the sharpness of the abrasive disc, we recommend that you start with a finer grit. After sanding part of the floor you can look at the results and determine whether you should increase grit size.

Q.: What about lacquered and varnished surfaces?

Lacquer and varnish are no problem to remove. Just use the machine at low speed with few revolutions and avoid pressing down too hard against the floor, as this will cause the floor surface to heat up and become sticky. In the case of soft lacquers and varnish, stickiness cannot be avoided. But this is not a problem. Just take the pads off, clean them with a solvent and use them again and again.

Q.: Can carbide tools be used on steel and granite?

No, steel and granite are practically the only materials that Carbide tools cannot be used on. The abrasive tools can, however, be used for sanding on the outside of steel - on paint or rust coatings, but not into the material itself, as the abrasive surface of the tools are simply too hard. However, you can sand and grind on aluminium surfaces using carbide tools.


CARBIDE user guide and SAFETY instructions for Carbide abrasive tools


Carbide abrasive tools are designed to treat surfaces and remove material fast and effectively. To ensure your safety when using Carbide abrasive tools, carefully read the user guide and safety warnings and follow all instructions:


If you have any questions on how to use Carbide sanding and grinding tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Always use ear protection, safety goggles, proper work clothes and gloves.
Before using Carbide abrasive tools, make sure that your tool is designed for the power tool you will be working with. Your abrasive tool should fit the backing of the power tool, and the air holes of the Carbide tool should match up with the air holes on the power tool.
The user is responsible for making sure that all operating and safety instructions for the power tool are followed.
The user must make sure that the Velcro backing on the power tool is new and in good condition to ensure the optimal attachment of the abrasive disc.
Make sure that the power tool is unplugged before attaching or changing abrasive discs.
Attach the Carbide abrasive disc so that it is placed at the center of the power tool.
When signs of wear or damage appear to the velour backing of the Carbide disc, throw the disc away and do not reuse it.
When removing the abrasive disc, use a putty knife or other flat tool to loosen the disc from the backing and to avoid damaging the disc. Discs that are warped or misshapen must be thrown away and may not be reused.
Under brug må maskinen, påmonteret med Carbide slibeskive, kun startes når den er i berøring med det emne, der skal slibes.
Only use abrasive discs that are sharp and without flaws.
When using a machine with a Carbide abrasive disc attached, do not start the machine until the disc is touching the object to be sanded.
Do not operate the machine when children are close by.
Carbide abrasive discs are manufactured in accordance with the following standard: ISO 21951:2001(E)

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